When you don't know where to turn...

Things happen in life that are normal. We all face them, but they can be difficult to get through.

A big change in your life; a loss of a job, or a home, or an important relationship... there might be emotions that seem overwhelming.

Challenges of parenting, family life, troubling relationships, difficulties at work can all add up. Why would you want to go through it all alone?

NorthStar Center staff are here to help you get back on track; back in control. Feeling confident and able to handle anything that life brings to your day...

Your mind,
emotions & soul.

In a caring, relaxed environment,the professionals at NorthStar Center help you develop a better outlook on life. We can help you find your own direction.

Assessment |  Diagnosis |  Psychiatric Services |  Individual, Family, or Group Therapy

NorthStar Center - recognized and trusted by the community as a primary source of psychiatric services, providing treatments to enhance your feelings of well being, as well as education for family, and the significant others who support you on your journey.